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Parking Sensors

Installations Ultra sleek parking sensors
to suit cars, vans, trucks, busses, Motor Homes
Front and Rear Parking sensor deals


Reverse Cameras

Installations Reverse Cameras to suit
cars, vans, Motor Homes, trucks, 
busses, caravans


In Car Camera

Supply and Installations of in car recording cameras, or Driver Recording Camera, or check if you were speeding when you got that red light camera ticket.


     Gps Tracking

Supply ands installtaions of GPS tracker systems and GPS Tracking Devices for all your cars, Trucks, boats,Jet Ski's, and all your asset prtotection requirments.


 In Car Entertainment

Supply and Installtions of Roof DVD players, Head rest DVD players and In car DVD players and Satellite navigation Units


Corporate Work

Supply and iinstallation of Bluetooth Car Kits and Charging Cradles, GPS tracking systems for all corporate clients.


Car Accessorys Help - Which is the best Reversing Sensors to buy you ask?

Our Aim is to help you judge behind your vehicle in your drive ways, car parks, shopping centers, to stop you from damaging your vehicles. YES you will have to spend some money to add to the prevention, the good news is that car accessorys are offering you the best products on the market for a reason. we actually want to prevent disasters and we cant do by selling you cheap imation accessories.  1: They just dont work and 2: If they did work we would clearly be selling them to you. 3: They dont even compare to quality units we provide..

So you're wondering which is the best Car Parking Sensors, to buy? As always OEM Technology has been put to the test, the car manufactures do a lot of research into

the Reversing Sensors they will be Installing. Hence why we recommend the Ultra Sleek Parking Sensors for (Reverse Parking Sensors and Front Parking Sensors) By Car Accessorys.  Because it is an "OEM Product." Most Reversing Sensors are not OE standards & are not even close to OE Standards Car acc & Ultra Sleek Parking Sensors is the only system fitted after market that will control front Parking Sensors with a left and right bar graph and also a measurment in the center of the screen to tell you how far away you are from the obsatcle Automatically.  Front Sensors detect objects within 1metre of the vehicle and will stop you at 300mm.

For your best form of protection we advise you order Front and Rear parking sensors to cover both bumper bars for protection.

Reverse Sensor kit will turn it self on via engaging reverse gear and start detecting distances. We specialise in all parking sensors installation
Car Accessories Provide a range of different Quality Reversing Sensors & Parking Sensors. Each system should be specific for your needs, All sensors are colour matched and flush mounted. And cover our Life time warranty on Installations.

We have the most popular brands such as Parrot Bluetooth Car Kits, Bury Car Kits,Nokia Car Kits,Motorola Car Kits,Motorola Truck Car Phones, Connects2 Car Kits, Steering Wheel Car Kits, and Dension gateway 100,300,500. We also supply and Install Mobile Phone charging cradles and GPS Cradles. Car Accessory’s also offers the Reverse Cameras and Reverse Sensors, Front Parking Sensors, Factory Parking sensorsparking sensors installation, and all Car parking sensorsincluding Rear View Mirror Camera & GPS Systems and also in dash GPS Navigation systems with built in car kit and reverse camera all in one.  We have the latest and affordable GPS For Tracking to suit asset protection,fleet vehicles,trucks,vans,custom cars.

Description All Car accessories Installations in Melbourne,Brisbane.Perth,Sydney,Goldcoast,Adelaide.  Car parking sensors installed in Melbourne

We come to you and install our products - Areas we service
Cities covered include: Melbourne, Sydney, Newcastle, Central Coast, Canberra, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Cairns, Perth, Adelaide, Tweed Heads, Darwin and many more!